Getting Started

Janssen CarePath can:

  • Review your health plan benefits to help answer questions you may have about insurance coverage for SPRAVATO®
  • Identify options that may help make SPRAVATO® more affordable, if needed
  • Provide treatment education support.
  • Help you locate a SPRAVATO® treatment center

Treatment Support

Learn more about SPRAVATO® treatment.

Learn more about using SPRAVATO® Nasal Spray.

Click here for treatment-resistant depression.

Click here for major depressive disorder.



Find a Treatment Center

If your doctor's office is not set up to treat patients with SPRAVATO®, you can use the search capabilities of to help you locate a SPRAVATO® treatment center. Searchable by ZIP Code, this helpful site provides detailed search results organized by driving distance. This website also includes helpful information about the treatment center, such as contact information and business hours.

If your health plan does not approve SPRAVATO® treatment

Sometimes you may not be able to obtain the medication that your doctor has prescribed for you. For example, your health plan might not cover the medication because it is not on the plan’s drug list (formulary) or the cost is higher than you think you should have to pay. In these situations, you and your doctor have the right to ask the health plan to explain its decision and to consider making the medication available to you as an exception to its policies.

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