STELARA® Website - This website contains information about treatment with STELARA®. On this website, you can also get helpful information about your condition.



Patient Authorization Form [PDF] - Allows you to authorize the use of your personal information for Janssen CarePath support programs. - This website contains information about enrolling in the STELARA withMe Program - for patients who were prescribed STELARA®.

STELARA withMe Savings Program Patient Enrollment Form [PDF] - Allows you to enroll in the STELARA withMe Savings Program, if eligible. You can also enroll at


Cost Support

STELARA withMe Savings Program Overview [PDF] - Provides information on the STELARA withMe Savings Program and eligibility requirements for enrolling in the program.

STELARA withMe Savings Program Rebate Form [PDF] - Allows you to request a rebate for your medication cost. Rebate requests can also be submitted in your online account at

Patient Affordability Options for STELARA® [PDF] - Gives information on options that can make your treatment more affordable.



Health Insurance Open Enrollment Guide [PDF] - Even if you keep the same health plan, your benefits can change. This guide can help you review your coverage and make changes if needed during the open enrollment period so you can stay on treatment in the new benefit period.

Medicare Resource Guide [PDF] - Provides information on sources for cost support that may be available to patients enrolled in Medicare.

Medicare Part D and Coverage Gap Guide [PDF] - Helps you understand the 4 phases of coverage (Deductible, Initial Coverage, Coverage Gap, and Catastrophic Coverage), and when you will enter the Coverage Gap (formerly known as the Donut Hole).

Medicare Low-Income Subsidy (LIS) Brochure [PDF] - Offers information about extra help with prescription drug costs that is available to low-income residents of the United States enrolled in Medicare Prescription Drug Plans.